The running industry is ready for change, both in shoe technology and business model. At AMPLA, we believe a runner shouldn't have to sacrifice speed for comfort. We also believe there’s a better way to buy that shoe. And as the leading direct to consumer, high performance footwear brand we intend to prove it. With a 30-day, no questions asked return policy, a commitment to customer education and service, and a business model free from traditional retail mark-ups, AMPLA is positioned to revolutionize the run shoe market. Join us and #AMPLAFlyYourRun!

What makes the AMPLAFly different?

Everything. The structure of the AMPLAFly allows for strike force to be dispersed through the cushion of the shoe, gathered in the carbon fiber plate, then, capitalizing on that force, propels you forward into your next step. The principle that force can be reapplied and moved back into the direction you are running is the basis on which the AMPLAFly was created. Force is your friend.

Why is there carbon fiber in the running shoe?

Certainly not cost – Carbon Fiber is costly however it is also stiffest, lightest and most resilient material you can use in a shoe. When a runner lands on the ground the force can equal upwards of 8x their body weight; we needed a material that could handle that weight, absorb that force and return the energy. Carbon Fiber was our only choice.

Is this a minimalist shoe? A maximalist shoe? Neither?

The AMPLAFly doesn’t fit neatly into either category. With a 20mm heel height and 16mm forefoot, creating a 4mm drop, and a 2 piece sole, this shoe defies conventional definitions.

Is this a neutral shoe?

The AMPLAFly was built around a neutral design, using the principles of mid-foot and forefoot striking. For someone who needs a lot of stability and is a heavy heel striker, this shoe might take some time to adjust to, but they could see major changes in their run form long term. A runner with mild pronation and a mid-foot strike will find the transition to the AMPLAFly technology easy.

What will it feel like when I put on my new AMPLAFlys?

Like nothing you’ve ever worn before! This is truly a shoe you have to try, to believe! We find the most effective way to get a feel for how the technology works is to begin by walking slowly and wait until you hit the “sweet spot” in your stride (you’ll know it when you feel it) a few times, then take off running. This “sweet spot” is the point where force gathers in the carbon fiber plate and propels you forward with minimal effort.

Can wear my insoles in my AMPLAFly’s?


Should the AMPLAFly be my everyday running shoe?

That is up to you! Because of the unique design, the AMPLAFly is a great feedback tool on your run positioning so it can be great for any distance. Generally, we suggest, as with any new shoe, you begin by working the shoe into your already existing run routine. 

The AMPLAFly is totally new technology; give your body time to adjust!

Is the AMPLAFly a good trail running shoe?

No. While the AMPLAFly is an amazing shoe, the construction of a trail running shoe is based on accommodating uneven terrain, rocks, and uneven foot strike. The AMPLAFly was built for speed. Stick to the trail shoe you love for now and sign up for our newsletter to be the first to hear about new product launches.

Is the AMPLAFly a good triathlon shoe?

The AMPLAFly is a high performance run shoe. It is built to take you 26.2 miles and beyond. So if you love your AMPLYFly's, you should absolutely wear them for the last leg of your triathlon! However, this shoe was not built with drainage or easy on laces, the signatures of tri specific shoes.

I’m coming back from an injury, is the AMPLAFly ok to wear?

Every body is different! And as with any new gear or product you try after injury, first consult your physician to ensure it’s safe to resume activity then start slow and let your body tell you what’s right. With our 30-day, no questions asked return policy we hope to provide every runner the opportunity to discover if the AMPLAFly is right for them.

How long will my AMPLAFly shoes last?

The construction and quality of the AMPLAFly is similar to any premium run shoe on the market today. We use industry leading materials, both in our foams and our meshes and our Carbon Fiber plate is built to last.

I have more questions. How can I get in touch with you?

Shoot us an email at customercare@amplasport.com